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Epoxy vs. Polyaspartic

There has been a lot of discussions in the recent years with the comparison of two different concrete coating materials.  Most information is generalized as epoxy and polyaspartics as a single unique product, when there are in fact a multitude of formulations made by a number of manufactures for both.  So to say epoxies are better that polyaspartics or vise versa is simply ignorant.

What are some of the General Statements about both?  Pros and Cons


A. Higher resistance to abrasion
B. Impervious to UV Damage
C. 1 day application
D. Expensive at $5.00-8.00sqft

A. Known and Proven for decades
B. Susceptible to UV Damage Known
C. Multiple day installation
D. Cheaper at $2.50-4.50sqft

A. Higher resistance to abrasion than epoxy:  While this is a common point in the conversation of comparison of the two general types of coatings it’s not always true.  Some epoxies only lose 9mg on the tabor abrasor test, while a good polyaspartic losses 70mg-200mg.  So, in some cases epoxy can me 6 times more abrasive resistant than polyaspartics.

B. UV Damage:  While it is generally true that an polyaspartic is more UV resistant than an epoxy, certain epoxies like hydrogenated epoxies are very UV stable.  Also if a urethane topcoat is applied to the epoxy it is much more UV resistance than a standalone epoxy.  Most manufactures of epoxy products recommend a top coat, although most applicators provide it as an option with a up sell.

C. Fast Installation:  I’m not sure if fast means better, but it is largely bragged about how fast a polyaspartic flooring system can be installed vs an epoxy.  As is the answer to many of these question.  There are some epoxy flooring systems that are ready for daily use within hours.  Now to speak in generalization, polyaspartics  generally have a quicker install time.

D. Price:  Generally an epoxy will be cheaper than a polyaspartic  system, although there are some epoxy systems that are in the $25+ range.

A Comment From a manufacture about Installers:

Note: Price Isn’t everything, but be warned on both epoxies and polyaspartics….Unless you got a quote for 10,000sqft+, and the price is under $3.00sqft.  They either bid you apples and gave you oranges, They plan to skip steps, they plan on not grinding the floor, ect..

The point is this.  If you are looking at having a flooring coating installed, and one of your potential installers makes general statements such as “Epoxies are better than polyaspartics, or Polyaspartics are more abrasive resistant than epoxies”….He might not know what he’s doing or not a good knowledge of all the products that exist. Knowing the right type of coating to use on certain types of floors is key.  They should suggest a certain type of polyaspartic or epoxy, not one or the other.


Picking the right coating for a floor takes knowledge about several products.  If your installer is asking these types of questions, you’re on the right track;

What is the floor used for?

What kind of traffic does this floor commonly have?

Are there any certain chemicals that are used in the facility on a regular basis?

If yes:  May a see the chemicals so that I could look them up in a chemical specifier?

Is there a limited amount of time we (installer) would have to install the floor?


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